With our 7-day free trial, you can try Prospect X and all of its software risk free. If you feel that Prospect X isn’t for you or does not fit your budget, simply return the software to get a full refund.

Purchase Lists.

Build Your Marketing Lists with Lead X!
Instant access to millions of homeowner records.
Create a targeted prospect list by using our Lead X filtering tools.
Finally.. a lead source you can TRUST.

List Management.

Organizing Prospect Lists is one of the biggest headaches in the business. Finally an answer to the problem. Use our Prospect Management system to Stack, Filter, Sort and Scrub your lists.
The most advanced List Management System in the market.

Skip Trace.[ps2id id='tabs_desc_1494_3' target=''/]

Receive instant access to our exclusive skiptracing platform!
Whether you want to skip trace one record at a time or 10,000 at once, we provide both options.


Marketing is the name of the game!
Use our Campaigns app to market, follow up, and stay in touch with all of your leads. We made it simple and combined SMS, Emails, Voicemail Broadcasts & Cold Calling All In One Platform.


Our CRM is here to help you to better track & manage leads, and close deals faster. Call, text, and manage all of your leads in ONE system. No more using 20+ services for your business.
Our CRM will help you keep your entire business organized, all in one system.


X-Site allows you to create websites in under 10 minutes!
Buy domains, create landing pages for your business all in one place.
X-Site allows you to edit your site just the way you like it by providing you our step-by-step X-Site website builder.


Create custom reports to help you keep track of leads, deals, revenue.
Our reports app will help you visually see where your business is at all times!




All Your Business Needs In One Tool!

Prospect X does not only function on desktops and laptops, it also is implemented to work on mobile devices. This means as a user of Prospect X, you will be able be able to manage your business on the go.

This means that you will be able to track your leads, check website traffic, manage your SEO ratings, and manage your progress while not looking at a computer screen. See how Prospect X can help you grow your business today!


Satisfied Customers

Programs Downloaded

List Stacked & Filtered

“I got my business running efficiently!”

The tools in ProspectX have helped me to organize my lists and strategize my future marketing. It’s a huge step up compared to competitors and I highly recommend signing up!

“I Tripled the size of my lists!”

My company previously used one site for a CRM, another site to buy lists, and another to actively market. Now, my team is able to do all of this in one easy to use system.

“This is my one-stop-shop for my business!”

ProespectX has helped organize my business and automate so many tasks that I am saving money on employees. Use this system if you want to save time AND money.


Track. Manage. All In One.

Prospect X is a new software that allows you to manage all of your leads in one place. With the software, you will be able to skip trace, manage your lists, and create marketing campaigns in one place! It has never been easier to manage your business with one software. Click the button down below to get started!


More Information About Prospect X


What is Prospect X?

Prospect X is a management software used for any type of real estate or sales business located in the United States. This software primarily automates and tracks things needed for your business such as list management, skip tracing, and other various management tools.

What Programs Do You Offer?

We offer a wide variety of programs for businesses to choose from. We offer services such as skip-tracing, marketing machines, and purchase lists. With more services coming soon, be sure to keep updated!

How do I sign-up?

Click here to sign up for Prospect X! Alternatively, you can click the Login link at the top-right corner of the webpage. It will bring you to our software link, then you can click the sign-up link on the bottom of the page.

How Much Is Prospect X?

Prospect X can be either be paid monthly for $147.00 a month, or $1411.00 yearly. You can choose the way you want to pay!

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